Massage Journey
Anita Rosebush, Certified Massage Therapist




I have had massages from many different therapists over many years.  I can tell you that Anita has a technique that blends relaxation and therapeutic massage to create pure magic on the body.  The hot stones melt the tension out of the muscles and connective tissue, while her hands and fingers release specific knots of stress.  I would recommend Anita to anyone, anytime.  Enjoy!

                                                                                  Cindy S., Boise, Idaho


I have been taking a private weekly yoga class from Anita for over 6 months.  Working with her on a one-on-one basis has been a bright spot in my hectic week that I truly look forward to.  I typically enter her office feeling frazzled and hurried and leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and calm.  Anita has a gentle, personalized approach to her yoga instruction.  She meets her clients at their level and listens to their needs, nudging them to move gently towards their personal best.  Some days I just revel in having a quiet hour to relax and breathe!  I highly recommend Anita to anyone who wants to feel more connected to their bodies and their lives.

                                                                                  Stephanie C., Meridian, Idaho


Dear Anita,

      Just want to thank you for another year of kindness as you help me improve my quality of life.  Your massages help me relax and handle the stresses I encounter. 

                                                                                  Judy L. Boise, Idaho


Anita's massage is the best massage I have ever received.  The combination of swedish therapeutic massage followed by the heat of the stones, will leave you so relaxed, you will definitely set your next appointment before you leave.

                                                                                 Barb G., Boise, Idaho