Massage Journey
Anita Rosebush, Certified Massage Therapist

About the Practitioner

Anita Rosebush, is the sole owner and operator of Massage Journey and is a Certified, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified LaStone Therapist, Certified Yoga Instructor as well as a Reiki Master Teacher  I have over 18 years experience in massage therapy and have been certified as a Yoga Instructor since 2004.   I received my Reiki Master Teacher certificate in 2000.

I received my training (massage and yoga) at Southwest Institute for Healing Arts in Tempe Arizona.  I am licensed by the State of Idaho.

My belief is that massage is good for everyone.  My goal is to individualize every massage to meet the client's needs at the time.  Those needs could range from stress relief to over used muscles.  Incorporating hot stones with every massage gives the clients the best of both worlds!

Reiki is a Japanese method of hands on to relax the body and allow it to heal.  This modality is done fully clothed and puts the client in an extremely relaxed state of being.  The heat of the stones add to this relaxation process.